Friday, April 18, 2014

Madison | 2014 Ontario Senior

Madison was so fun to meet! Such an adorably cute, easy-going and confident gal! The day of the session was nice and warm, the perfect springtime weather. I love those kind of days!  She was willing to let me take her to some spots that I have been wanting to shoot for some time. :) Near the end, my camera soaked up all of the creamy haze so beautifully. Her pictures are gorgeous, just as she is!!!  I love to see and feel emotion from photographs and you can really feel them in these. Thank you so much for letting me capture beauty, your light and sunshine! I love her smile.... (Be sure to click on the read more > link below the image to see all of her session photos!)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crew | Boise Newborn

It was so fun to meet  Jenna and crew with big brother and grandma too. Jenna was my ultrasound tech that did my Echo test a couple weeks back, and I couldn't believe how amazing she looked when she was a couple weeks away from her due date. We got talking and I then told her I loved newborn photography and I was so excited when she called me wanting some pictures done when her baby comes! Her newborn Crew was so so so cute! He was perfect during the whole session! Big brother was waiting so patiently for some pictures with his new brother, and he fell asleep! The shots of the two of them sleeping are priceless! Baby Crew, you are one adorable, content and happy boy! He sure has lots of love in his home!!!   Click on the Read More link below to view more pics of his session.....

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anthony | 2014 New Plymouth Senior

I feel so fortunate to meet the people that I do! Anthony is such an awesome guy! He is so kind and thoughtful and has a great smile and laugh! This guy is a natural in front of the camera, he kept falling into the poses so easily on his own. As I would try to direct he would get into a great pose and then I would say stuff like "Oooh that looks good...hold that" and "I like what you did...just stay right there"! Thanks for putting up with my crazy mixed up words...for some reason I thought stand was sit...and sit was, you can imagine what happened! Other than embarrassing myself, I had some fun at his session and was able to find some amazing backdrops to go with an amazing model of a client! Yeah, we all know he has what it takes! Thanks for the fun session and change of pace from the Senior girls!

Click on the read more link to view his session...

Kailee | 2014 Fruitland Senior

I had such a good time at this Senior Session! Kailee is the sweetest. She has such a fun personality that shines! She brought her guitar and the snow shots were absolutely beautiful. It was freezing and she made it seam like it was the end of the shoot, my hands were freezing so much that I felt I couldn't keep my camera still enough! Her smile and contentment was contagious and I loved the good laughs that we had. It's fun getting to know these wonderful young women and seeing they have such a great strength and that they know where they stand and what they stand for! Her session was amazingly beautiful. I am loving these Winter Sessions, they're my new favorite. The creative outlet is challenging and it adds variety to the artwork of photography than just shooting in the "in-season" weather all the time.

Click on the read more button to view the session....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Giveaway

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday! There are those who dislike it, but I love it. It's a day dedicated to your forever love, it's a time to tell and show close ones that you love them and truly care. Everyone needs to feel that they are loved. What would we all be without LOVE?!

I grew up in a family that had so much fun with each holiday. We couldn't wait to put up decorations for the next holiday as one just passed. We had a ton of fun making each holiday meaningful and memorable. For Valentine's, it was a day that we all got to feel loved, important, special and feel like someone cared. We got to focus on others to make their day special as well. To see eyes brighten and smiles light up, filled the day with joy, tenderness and such a good feeling. My parents and sisters made this day so special, and I want to make this day memorable for my own family.

With all the excitement, decorations and plans...I decided to show people that I care, just a little early with a giveaway. Wouldn't it be so much fun to do a session with a person that you love like, a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, Mom or Dad, or even a pet? To enter, visit my Facebook Page. And, next post I get to treat you to a fabulous Senior Portrait Session!!!
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